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Product Design


I have dedicated the bulk of my career to product design & development. The first 11 years were spent with The Highland Mint creating memorabilia, followed by the next 3 years at Fan Creations designing Home Décor. Both job roles were dependent on a quick turn around & high quality imagery.


When designing in the sports industry I have to think about the target audience – who is buying the product and where is it going to end up. Often, the male demographic is the target; however women are also a huge purchasing demographic. It is important that easy style be eye catching, on brand and showcase accurate information – I may not be able to tell you what year the Braves won the World Series but I guarantee any fan would.

I also often work directly with clients like Home Goods & Hobby Lobby to discuss what would work best in their stores and design with them in mind.

The galleries below are broken up into two separate categories based on where I worked at the time. I have created thousands of designs throughout my career so if you are looking for a specific example that more closely relates to your industry please feel free to reach out to me.

Fan Creations

The Highland Mint

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